Class Names / ID’s To Avoid

Posted by Nick on Aug 10, 2011 in Development Tips and Tricks |

This is going to be a short one.  I just wanted to reach out to you up and coming UI developers out there and provide a little advice.  The list below will grow over time, but the idea will remain the same.

Avoid using generic names that don’t really mean anything.  An example might be the word “wrapper”.

An example of how this might fail.  Someone didn’t use my .jg_greatClassNameOfYourChoice naming convention.  I’m looking at an element with a class name of “wrapper” which is getting a z-index:0 handed to it from a piece of JavaScript somewhere in the codebase.  If I run a quick search against wrapper I get a huge result returned of matching results.  Not very useful.

Names to Avoid:

  1. wrapper

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