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Posted by Nick on Mar 1, 2011 in Development Tips and Tricks |

It seems like UI code becomes more and more complex as business asks us to squeeze more and more out of the the web.  Our JavaScript becomes increasingly more complicated with an emphasis on objects and following an MVC like pattern.  HOW DO YOU KEEP TRACK OF IT ALL?!

I know we are all using many different technology stacks so this may not apply to some of you, but for those of you using Microsoft technologies I wanted to share a valuable VS2010 plug-in that I’ve been using and have found very useful.

JavaScript Parser:

This tool is great. It allows  you to open files and inspect objects, controls and controllers in a way that is very clean and easy.  Finding a method using this tool is much simpler that manually searching for it or using the gold ol’ ctrl+F.

If you’re using the Microsoft stack.  Take the time to download and get to know it.  It’s def worth your time.

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